Books on Maratha history

99999990840640 – marathas and panipat, gupta, hari ram, 449p, india, history, english (1961)

2040100048294 – In_Wild_Maratha_Battle, Michael_Macmillan, 274p, english (1917)

4990010021877 – Source Book of Maratha History, Patwardhan, R. P., 358p, HISTORY, sanskrit (1928)

8000000007410 – English Reeords of Maratha History, Poona Residency Correspandnce, 737p, GEOGRAPHY. BIOGRAPHY. HISTORY, english (1939)

99999990002211 – Marathachaya Etihasee Sadhne Vol XII, Rao narayan, 229p, History, marathi (1922)

99999990005649 – Marthachaya itehassachi sadhne vol I, Rajwada kashinath, 537p, History of maratha people, marathi (1918)

99999990036492 – nana phadnis and the external affairs of the maratha empire, deodhar, y.n., 266p, india, history, english (1962)

99999990070729 – Marwar And The Marathas Part II, Dr. G.R. Parihar, 327p, Literature, hindi (1937)

99999990073140 – Studies on Maratha and Rajput History, Sinh, Ragubir, 172p, History, 

99999990079060 – Persian Records Of Maratha History vol-II, Joshi,P.M, 81p, Education, english (1954)

99999990080691 – Bombay And The Marathas, Desai,W.S., 274p, History, english (1956)

99999990143033 – The marathas on the West Coast of India No.1, Dr. Sanjiv P. Desai, 142p, 

99999990269229 – maratha history re-examined (1295 – 1707), sharma, s.r., 367p, maratha (indic people), english (1944)

99999990290825 – Persian Records Of Maratha History, Joshi,P.M., 221p, Devotional, english (1953)

99999990290833 – Maratha History Seminar Papers, Pawar,A.G., 395p, Devotional, english (1971)

99999990290834 – Relations Between The French And The Marathas, Batalkar,V.G., 314p, Devotional, english (1958)

99999990324837 – Marwar and The Marathas, Parihar, G.R., 348p, History, english (1965)

99999990333501 – Orissa under Marathas 1751-1803, Ray, Bhabani Charan, 200p, History-India, english (1960)

99999990333670 – The Military System of the Marathas ed. 2nd, Sen, Surendra Nath, 292p, Military-Marathas, english (1958)

99999990064000 – Marathachya Etihasik Sadhne Vol IIIhe Prabandhacintamani Vol I, Rajwade kahainath, 261p, Literature, sanskrit (1900)

99999990338449 – New History Of The Marathas Vol. 3



3 thoughts on “Books on Maratha history

  1. Hello,

    Is it possible for you to upload the Book “Panipat” by Vishwas Patil and the Book ” “Chawa” by Shivaji Sawant!

    If it’s possible, then please upload.

    Thank you very much for sharing this amazing Maratha history books with us!


    1. Hi,

      I only upload books which are out of copyright.For books in copyright please buy them and support the authors/publishers.On one hand we complain of not enough research being done in our history and culture ,on the other we are reluctant to fork out a few bucks and support them.


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